I had so much fun talking with Breshana about purpose and living a purposeful life. As a mompreneur it can be SO easy to get swept up into it!

Episode 39

About Breshana Miller

Breshana is a mom of many hats. She’s a full-time working mom of three, a Pastor’s wife, and a Balance and Productivity Strategist for mom entrepreneurs. Mentoring and coaching women to pursue their purpose, maximize their potential, explore their world outside of their comfort zone, and live a balanced, productive, and intentional life is at the center of her heart. She’ Her biggest and most important missions in life is to love God, her family, and pass on a legacy of blessings to them. During her leisure time, she enjoys being a soccer mom/sideline coach, cooking thanks to her New Orleans upbringing, experimenting with new skin care products, and hanging out with her kids.

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Princess Pop Impersonator

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Lavender Bath Salts*

lose the cape

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