Raewyn is the founder of Be a Warrior Queen, with a life goal to empower women to embrace self-love and inspire self-love in others. She’s also a new wife and mother to a baby girl, learning to navigate these new waters while maintaining her sense of self. While self-love and changing the world has always been important to Raewyn, she really found her passion and calling after the birth of her daughter.  As a feminist since childhood, Raewyn thinks that women supporting each other is paramount in our lives.

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Megan’s fueled by coffee, driven by empowerment. Megan is on a mission to guide burned out bloggers back to their true passion: writing. As the Be a Warrior Queen resident Word Warrior, she believes that knowledge is the key to bringing out your inner Warrior Queen. Specifically, knowledge of the self: who you are and how you will leverage that knowledge to demonstrate the dazzling light that resides inside of you. Megan’s advice to our fellow Warrior Queens, “Allow your heart to burn bright and your inner beauty will become undeniably veracious.”

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