Allie from Down Rainy Lane and I are back for another month of letters to our daughters. I can’t believe that six months ago we were both about to have these littles that have changed our lives completely. Despite those super tough days and nights, every day is worth it. We don’t want to forget a thing, so we write these letters to our baby Warrior Queens.

I was just thinking that each year we should publish these in a book and give the volumes to the girls on their 18 birthdays!

Writing letters to our children


Most of the world sees January as a time for new beginnings. Everyone swells up with hope at the potential a new year holds. They think, “Could this be the year my dreams really come true?”

As your mama, I want you to know that you can have a new beginning no matter the date. I’ve had a lot of new beginnings in August and September when school starts. I’ve had a new beginning in an October when your dad and I started dating, and another in an April, when we got married.

My biggest new beginning will always be in July. Those will be your new beginnings, at least until you’re old enough to celebrate the way life changes each and every day. Six months ago on Sunday, you entered this world in your crazy, but healthy way. A few days later, I had no idea how the doctors and nurses could send us home with someone so little and fragile as you.

But home we came, and that was a big new beginning. Little did I know, but it opened the door to several new beginnings. I hold all of the moments where you learn something new, so close to my heart. You’re still pretty stubborn about not rolling over, but you can get where you want by scooting backwards.

We think that you will be crawling by the end of the month. On Sunday, you will get your first taste of food, opening up an entirely new world of flavors and beginnings for you.

Baby girl, I want you to know that beginnings can be scary, but are 100% worth it. Endings are, too. Each holds its own beauty and its own grace and I want you to feel and experience each with such depth that you feel like your heart might explode.

Feeling so deeply can be tough with beginnings and endings, but I promise you that you will live a life most full. Each day things are changing and those beginnings and endings will flow in and out and you might not even realize they came or went until you sit down and think about it.

I’m hoping we do a lot of thinking and a lot of experiencing with beginnings, you and I. Starting new projects with your grandma has always been one of my favorite activities, and I know that we will share the same bond.

How beautiful is it that in just a few years the three of us can start new things together? Oh, the role models you will have as you begin your journey through life.

So as you encounter each new beginning and each new year, please carry us in your heart. We will lift you up, my little. We will give you hope and guidance as you learn and as you change the world.

Because you will change the world, my baby. I feel it in my very soul.



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