Y’all know how much I love Anastasia from Anastasia Amour. I would say she’s one of the most influential body image educators and self-esteem coaches I’ve ever met. (You can find her on my blog roll; as a past guest poster and I featured #ProjectPositive last year.)

So like I said, she’s been rocking the self-love and body-love world for the past year! AND now she’s releasing her first-ever book on November 14th. A real book, not just an e-book but a printed in real life book. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy for review, complete with a discount code for y’all!! (Okay, so the y’all thing is because I got hired at a Southern-inspired restaurant, please forgive this California girl).

Inside Out: A Self-Help Book by Anastasia Amour

Inside Out is more than just a self-help book with steps on bettering yourself. It has story and personal experience. It has inspiring quotes and mantras. It has exercises and challenges. It has everything you need to change the way you think about yourself inside out.

The thing I love most about Anastasia is that she keeps it real. She doesn’t try to tell you to follow this formula and you’ll get x results. No, this girl has heart. She’s been there and she’s not afraid to be vulnerable.

How often have you read a self-help book where the author is vulnerable about their own struggles?

As somewhat of a self-help connoisseur, I can tell you this: not often.

Anastasia guides you with personal experience, research and case studies behind her. She’s taken what she learned in creating #ProjectPositive and how participants grew, and she’s packed it into this workbook.

Inside Out: A Self-Help Book by Anastasia Amour

When you’re reading Inside Out, you don’t feel alone. You don’t feel like a professional is telling you how to live your life. You feel the community of people changing their perspective as you are changing yours.

My favorite part (besides the mantras and beautifully designed quotes) are the statements she highlights.

These are the facts that the media and society don’t want us to know. We all know it, some of us are more aware of these facts but all of us are faced with them.

This book is for all women who have struggled with negative self-talk and want to improve their self-esteem. These are the women who want to have Fearless Body Confidence. (Join the collective here!)

Anastasia wrote this book because she felt there is a void in effective body positive self-help books. As she discovered during her struggles, so many self-help books have what she calls “fluffy” advice; advice that doesn’t really work. It’s like telling someone they need to relax as they’re suffering from a panic attack. Then people wonder why these self-help books don’t help.

Inside Out: A Self-Help Book by Anastasia Amour

I don’t want to give away too much more, because I want you to get this book for yourself. I want you to turn your thought pattern inside out. The way she breaks down the 14 chapters allows you to read the book and achieve healthier habits within 14 days.

My absolute favorite thing about this book (the part that made my little warrior queen heart flutter with pride) is the way she addresses narcissism vs self- confidence.

When I was in high school people described me as cocky. They saw my confidence as a threat, and maybe even as narcissism. But there is a big difference between the two. I am so glad Anastasia spent some time explaining that.

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Anastasia Amour

Since launching AnastasiaAmour.com in early 2014, Anastasia Amour has taught thousands of women across the world how to embrace Fearless Body Confidence. Dubbed by her readers as “a force to be reckoned with”, “truly transformative”, “a positivity powerhouse” and “the only positive body image guru you’ll ever need”, Anastasia’s unique brand of positivity and no-nonsense, hard-hitting advice has seen her quickly gain notoriety as a body image authority. From Perth in Western Australia, Anastasia is the creator of #ProjectPositive, a social media movement that teaches women how to stamp out self-inflicted negativity and embrace imperfection throughout their lives. Her writing has been featured in Wild Sister Magazine, Metior Magazine and SPROUT Magazine. Anastasia can also be found writing monthly on A Little Opulent and has a fortnightly advice column on eHarmony Australia.
Based on Anastasia’s personal experience in successfully conquering an eating disorder, surviving emotional abuse and learning to love who she is (flaws, vulnerabilities and all), her debut title, Inside Out takes readers through an empowering 14-day journey that will see them undergo a radical change from within. Tackling the tough and seldom discussed topics of negative thought patterns, food relationships and toxic influences, Inside Out is the handbook for every woman who craves Fearless Body Confidence and wants to not only accept, but totally love her body throughout all stages of her life. You can connect with Anastasia at AnastasiaAmour.com, on social media or contact her direct via email on hello@anastasiaamour.com