When you think of the word “pampered’ you naturally begin to think of expensive spa days, total relaxation trips to the Bahamas and basically things that cost #allthemoney.

You daydream about the luxury of kid-free days, cocktails in hand with your only worry as the decision between a massage or mud bath later in the day.

Daydreams like that are a reality for some people, but for the vast majority of us, they stay daydreams. In fact, they stay daydreams that actually add stress to our lives because we start thinking of the costs and arrangements we have to make, etc. So then we freeze and we keep saying “someday we will feel pampered.”

But you can totally feel pampered today and every day, even on a budget. Since we’ve been on an especially tight budget lately, I’ve been discovering the best ways for me to feel pampered without spending a ton of money. This post is a roundup of them! I also have a giveaway at the end!

First, I have to say that writing a post like this is totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m going to #DoItAfraid. I am the low maintenance girl who only does her makeup on special occasions, washes her hair once a week, rarely remembers to wash her face and hires out whenever it’s time to get pampered.

But, I’ve been realizing lately that taking care of my body – whether it be my skin or eating healthier – makes me feel at least 20x more amazing and they don’t take all of the extra time I imagined they would take. They also don’t have to break the bank, so this is something I can get behind. Each of these products that I mention, I have personally tried and enjoyed and have begun to include into my self-care routine.


I received some of these products for free or at a discounted rate. Some of the links below are affiliate or sales links.

Vanity Planet Goodies (10% discount with code SHIELDSISTERS)

Spin for Perfect Skin

Vanity Planet $ 99.99 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

If you’re like me, then you need the Spin for Perfect Skin. This actually speeds up my showering process because it’s covering more surface in less time. Plus, it’s like all in one. Daily cleansing brush, exfoliating brush (something I NEVER did!), body brush and a pumice for callous removal.

Basically, I’m like pampering myself like crazy with the Spin for Perfect Skin and can continue to be mostly lazy with my skin routine.


Flow Ceramic Straightening Brush

Vanity Planet $ 79.99 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

If you know me or have seen pictures of me, you know that having straight hair is basically not a thing in my life. I am so low maintenance, I just can’t dedicate the time to straightening my hair. But, with a ceramic straightening brush? I’m in low maintenance heaven!


Palette Makeup Brushes

Vanity Planet $ 100.00 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

Owning this many professional brushes make me feel like a makeup artist and also motivates me to actually put my makeup on each day. Maybe I’m the odd one out, but I just can never justify spending money on makeup unless I am in crazy need or going to a very special event. I’ve actually been known to go get my makeup done instead of doing it myself! But, owning the right brushes is really an important part of doing your makeup, so now that I own the right brushes, I am taking the time to put on makeup.

Is makeup totally necessary for self-love or self-care? No! But when I have it on I feel pampered 🙂


Birchrose + Co Pedi Scrub

Vanity Planet $ 30.00 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

This scrub smells SO, SO good! There is no fancy application process – just rub in a circular motion and rinse with warm water. Definitely added this to my self-care things that I can do while Delainey takes a bath. (Also includes hand massages). I was one of those girls who splurged on mani/pedis at least once a month because of how much they relaxed me. But, in this season, I can’t justify it. But I live in SoCal and I’m always barefoot and my feet definitely need some TLC.


Birchrose + Co Cleansing Oil

Vanity Planet $ 30.00 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

When your skin is happy, you’re happy. Or at least, that’s what I am discovering lately! My skin has been feeling so good since I started using this cleansing oil! At first, I thought “Oil? How can it cleanse my skin without making me break out like mad?” Well, the soaps and scrubs that we usually use actually strip our skin of their natural oils, causing it to produce more, causing it to break out.

So using the cleansing oil is way better for my skin and my pores. But the whole process is SO relaxing. This is another act I could technically do while Delainey takes a bath, but she freaks out when I put things on my face, so I haven’t. But basically, massage your dry skin with the oil, get a hot cloth and put it over your face, breathing in the steam. When it cools, rinse it in hot water and repeat 2 or 3 times. Then gently wipe it off your face. This opens your pores and allows the cleansing oil inside.


Reflexology Mat

Vanity Planet $ 50.00 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

This mat is so cool, but a little intimidating at first. When I saw it on the Vanity Planet website, I thought that it was silicone and would just gently massage your feet. In reality, it’s a bit harder and “sharper” aka the little balls really get into those reflexology points. You have to work up to using this for long periods of time, but just a few minutes on the mat can relieve so much for you. To start out, I wore socks and would put pressure on my foot on the mat for a15 to 30 seconds.

My husband is always suffering from sore feet and stomach aches, so I know that this will help him!


Makeover Essentials Contour Kit 

Vanity Planet $ 24.00 $40.00 (don’t forget to use the code SHIELDSISTERS for an additional 10% off!)

I do not know how or why to contour. When I see people with contoured makeup, I think “They look great!” but then again, I thought they looked great before. However, I do always want to experiment with makeup and learning how to master new things. (For example, I can do a basic natural face, smokey eye and lipstick. I cannot do my eyebrows, though).

I haven’t yet felt brave enough (or had enough experimentation time) to do the contour on my own. But, I had a friend do it for me and it looked great. The brand Makeover Essentials is one that I have purchased from in the past and really enjoyed. Also, this kit comes with a booklet to guide you, so I am confident I can get it down!


Other Self-Care Loves

doTERRA Touch & Diffusers

I recently became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and boy, am I excited about it. I have been meaning to incorporate essential oils into my cleaning routine and baby care for a long time, but I felt like I just wasn’t knowledgeable yet to join. So I kept buying products with EOs. Becoming a doTERRA advocate has been a game changer with my anxiety, however. That’s what led me to jump. I use the emotional touch blends on a daily basis to manage my anxiety, and diffuse others in my petal diffuser at night when we are sleeping.

I am definitely looking forward to incorporating essential oils into my coaching routines to help my clients achieve a higher sense of self-care and self-love. If you are interested in knowing more about becoming a wellness advocate, just let me know!


I decided to try LipSense because I have Modern Femme 2017 coming up in just a few weeks and I didn’t want to be constantly reapplying my lipstick or worrying. I hosted a party with Desiree on Facebook (we met through Boss Moms!) and I ended up grabbing a brand color – Purple Reign. I was skeptical at first, of course. Also, super against the fact that you have to use gloss because gloss makes me gag.

But I took the jump anyway and tried it out on Easter. Not only did it last, but I didn’t have to keep reapplying the gloss, so I didn’t feel like I had glossy lips. ALSO, since the color is so locked in, I was actually able to kiss Iman anytime I want because it didn’t transfer.

Lipstick is one of my goto’s when I’m feeling stressed or anxious and want to give myself a confidence boost. So having this amazing color that lasts is super important to me!



What products have you been loving in your self-care routine?

You can watch the unboxing video below to see all of my goodies, learn more about Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five and enter the giveaway!!


The Giveaway

Vanity Planet Contour Kit