It’s been ages since I’ve stumbled over here to share some amazingness with you all. Life has a tendency of getting away from us, and running two businesses from home with a toddler has proven to be more than I can handle most days. Recently, we found ourselves as a one-car family living in Southern California. It’s not the ideal situation at all. We’ve been on the hunt for a new car, and when I was approached to write a blog post on for this blog, I knew it could be the perfect transition into posting on the blog again. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions provided are my own. I was already looking on so it just made sense for me to share it.

So, let’s talk a little back story. In a way, we aren’t a one-car family, but for all functional purposes, we have become one. In October, I took my husband’s ’99 Camry to my friend’s for the weekend. It was my maid of honor’s bachelorette weekend and we were carpooling. I knew my husband would prefer my 2012 Versa to the Camry, so I took it, like I’ve done so many times before. Only, as I went up the hill on the main street by her house, I heard the engine revving without shifting gears and I knew the transmission was about to go out. (Did you know I often diagnose my own car issues? haha). When I returned to her house after our trip, I had all of my fingers crossed that it would drive, and it did, for about a mile. Triple A was my savior and my father-in-law came to get me and lent us one of his cars.

We’ve been talking about getting a new car for a while because we are about to pay our last payment on my Versa. Ideally, our goal was to have a few months where we could save money for a down payment. We had two Sedans and my 2-seater pick up truck that is currently registered non-op so we knew we wanted to upgrade to a SUV style vehicle. Specifically, my husband dreams of a Toyota 4Runner.

What I love about is that it shows new and used cars near us easily. We’ve been able to browse all of the specifics he is looking for and it even highlights which are a great deal! As you browse the list, it shows a photo of the car, price, specs including colors, transmission and drivetrain, the location of the vehicle and if there are special offers. Basically, anything you could need at a glance.

Now, while we are searching for a family car that has more than the basics, we usually click the Show More option which has the upgrades it includes under the heading “Seller’s notes.” Of course, there is also the option to compare the cars you are looking at, as well as save them for your viewing later.

While we might not be making a purchase in the next month or so, especially because most days we have my father-in-law’s car to borrow, it is amazing to have so much information available in a central location. While I was browsing around, I noticed there is also a section where you can get information on where to get your current car serviced and how to sell a car using Reviews can also be found on the site which is so helpful!

I feel like we get inundated with information during the holidays about all of the holiday deals, especially with all of the TV commercials. But it can be so overwhelming and hard to remember. takes the drama out of it for ya!

Are you in the market for a family car? What are your must-haves? 

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