Today’s a late post because of my weird and crazy morning. I had my own doctor’s appointment, in addition to taking Bella and Reeses to the vet. Oh, did I mention our power was supposed to be out today? Luckily, it hasn’t been but we have a few blocks of ice in our fridge.

Everyone came back in decent shape – just spent quite a lot of money on those pets. Reeses is the one who has the bladder infection, Shadow is on his way to a kidney stone, and Bella has an eye infection. So we’ve got antibiotics and a change in diet for my furbabies.

I did my 2nd trimester screening today and heard the results from my 1st trimester screening. Those came back negative! For the rest of my good news, keep reading this bumpdate!



How far along?
17 weeks!

3 weeks until we find out! Iman wanted me to ask the doctor today what she thinks our baby is going to be.

How big are they?
The size of my hand, also, apparently a turnip or onion.

 Changing Momma

Have you started to show yet?
Yes! People who know I’m pregnant are definitely noticing (especially when I’m wearing my apron at work). Yesterday I wore a shirt that was super obvious I was pregnant, but my pants were the Little Mermaid so none of the kids noticed.

Weight gain?
7lbs this whole pregnancy – I’m 132 now 🙂

Maternity Clothes?
Oh, yes

Stretch Marks?
No, though I wouldn’t mind if I got them. You know me, a total lover of my scars and body

Belly Button In or Out?
Still normal!!



Momma’s Feeling

Milk’s turned into my drink before bed. I also have been craving something but I don’t know what, which means I haven’t liked any food all week.

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Happy or Moody Most of the Time?
More moody this week. I cried like every day


Better!! I didn’t take naps on Weds and Thurs before work, that might have helped.

What I Miss:
Wine and Margs. It doesn’t help next week is Vegas

Other Symptoms:

Highlights and Coming Soon

Best Moment of the Week:
Finding out our screening results (everything of mine came back super negative for the first trimester results) and listening to the heart beat!

Looking Forward To:
Our gender ultrasound!!