Breaking gender norms has always been important to me. When I was a kid, I was very adamant that I was not less than because I was a girl. Whenever I have taken the androgyny test, I always fall pretty near the middle – possessing characteristics of both males and females. I’m proud of this, and I am happy to show other girls that they do not have to conform to gender norms.

It is equally important to show our boys that they do not have to conform to gender norms. Moreover, we should show them that there are variation of personalities, likes and differences no matter our gender. Who says that boys have to play in the dirt (and girls shouldn’t), cars and sports?

As our society moves away from traditional gender norms, our children’s toys still suffer. Target may have removed the gender from their toy department, but I still don’t see any boy dolls on the shelves. That’s where Boy Story and their Kickstarter come in. (Only a few hours left, but they met their goal!)
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Boy Story is the brainchild of two sisters who are frustrated with the lack of boy dolls available for their sons.

The Story

While pregnant with her second son, Kristen set off shopping to buy a special playmate for her older son–to help introduce the new baby and all that. She wanted a doll that was same-age, cool, and could withstand some serious play. Weeks on the hunt for an ideal toy, nothing turned up. There were baby dolls. There were cheap, plastic dolls. There were lots and lots of girly cute dolls. There were plush dolls. But try to find a cool, boyish doll for your son. We dare you! We tried and kept turning up empty handed. Nothing hit the mark. And we were not alone. Moms, kids, friends, and families everywhere are clamoring for a boy doll. The mega-toy industry seems glued to its position that dolls must be super feminine and appeal to one market only. Enough already! So after brainstorming, lots and lots of napkin doodles, and market research, we dreamed up our Action Dolls. Boy Story was born!


The benefits of dolls for boys include:

  • Nurturing their sense of nurture
  • Preparing them for a younger sibling
  • Allowing them to adequately express their emotions
  • Teaching them tolerance of other’s likes / dislikes
  • Growing their imagination
  • Fostering better relationships and communication

I am so excited for you to learn more about this project — and that they reached their goal!! These dolls are going to change the world! Watch the video for more:


I love the way that they are working toward changing these gender norms. The opportunities for growth with these dolls are absolutely incredible. Like the American Girl dolls of my youth, these Action Dolls come with a story and I think that is so important! Currently, they only have two prototypes, but they will be creating a variety of dolls that boys can identify with on both looks and personality.

Are you craving more info? Check out the Important Links:

Website // Kickstarter // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Ann Fuentes Photography

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Would you buy an Action Doll for your son?