Woah, June has flown by, just like my months seem to lately. I knew having a kid would be exhausting, but building a business alongside that is just…woah. I mean, it’s been months since I’ve been here. I’m so sad about that, but happy to be back here.

Like I’ve said in the past few posts, we’ve had a lot of changes. Shield Sisters Initiative is just me now. Well, my mom is behind the scenes and will be joining, but for the most part it is just me. I’ve been busy building that, building my VA biz and getting into a routine.

I was never one who was big on routines, but keeping my house picked up drastically reduces my anxiety AND keeps Delainey busy. I think that we are much happier this way. Everyone works together more because a mess is noticed vs no one caring because everything is always a mess.

Recently, I shared my typical day as a work at home mom and my must-use tools over at Shield Sisters Initiative. I’m working on a post about using essential oils to uplevel your work day. I don’t think I’ve said it yet, but I’m a wellness advocate for doTERRA now. I’m fully immersed in the oily life. My brother had strep this week and I quickly got OnGuard and have been going to town. Today I particularly noticed how many oils I used throughout the day. Cheer in the morning. Peace for my headache earlier, deep blue for my sore shoulder from sleeping wrong (bedsharing, sometimes I hate you). Then at bedtime. We went all out. Long story short, we had a day of no nap, teething and learning to be a 2 year old. (t-minus 16 days) So, the diffuser has OnGuard and Lavender (just in case the sickness is still lingering in our house), lavender on her jawline (because someone decided to BITE and break her amber teething necklace), OnGuard along her spine, Wild Orange over her heart (it’s her happy oil) and all three on her feet. Girlfriend passed out in 15 minutes. It was wonderful.

(If you want to learn more about being a wellness advocate or using essential oils in your daily life, feel free to email me raewyn@beawarriorqueen.com)

We’re busy planning Delainey’s 2nd birthday party, too. Can you guess the theme? TRAINS.

I have some boxes and I’m making trains for the kids to wear, a train station and using duck tape to make train tracks. #coolmomstatus.

Now that I’m getting in the swing of things and my mom is watching Delainey for the summer, you can expect a few more posts each month. I’ve had so many ideas and drafts saved so it’s seriously ABOUT FREAKING TIME ūüôā I love my SSI blog, but that’s more business focused and this is more parenting focused. (Speaking of, stay tuned for a review of a book about surviving PPD). Oh, that reminds me, I’m going to be writing a book this summer. So, still the same old crazy Raewyn here.

What about you? What have you been up to??


My absolutely favorite part of June was my birthday celebration! Hubby took me to a suuuper fancy restaurant and pampered me. #winning. He’s getting budoir photos as a belated birthday gift ūüėČ

Some crazy things that happened this month were:

My June goals were:


  • Finish Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five: includes audio recordings, automation, and nurture series.¬†Will be finished this week, hoorway!
  • Set up systems for business management¬†Will also be finished this week!¬†
  • Order products & do a photo shoot¬†Will be ordering this week after we set up the business bank account¬†

Where Passion Meets Truth

  • Pre-record goal-setting and mindset episodes¬†done!
  • Edit and schedule early in the month¬†almost done!
  • Secure sponsors for the rest of summer¬† almost done! Still have a few spots left!!!¬†

Self-Love & Life

  • Add yoga into my daily routine¬†almost, I am still needing a mat!¬†
  • Explore meditation methods¬†have been loving walking meditation!¬†
  • Add more doTERRA essential oils to my daily routine (currently using Breathe, Cheer, Lavender, Wild Orange and Peace on a daily basis. I am wanting to purchase and add in Balance and Motivate).¬†added in OnGuard ūüôā¬†

I think I’m doing pretty good!! How are your goals?

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