I know that I said it last month, but holy moly are the days and weeks and months flying by! I should just accept that having a crazy summer will forever be our new normal. With all of the Sangari birthdays within 8 weeks of each other (with some difficult days and anniversaries mixed in there, too) it’s no wonder the days and weeks fly by.

To be honest, I think this is the best July we have had in several years. Yes, our first July with Delainey was awesome, but it was also very sleep deprived. Normally, I can’t wait for July to be over, but this year I have enjoyed it just fine!

We started off the month with crazy celebrations. Maybe I’m a little bit EXTRA but birthdays are a big deal to me, so we started the month with taking Delainey to the Doc McStuffins exhibit at the science center. We’re going back next weekend because it is up through September. Then, we had her birthday celebration. Which was AMAZING. Minus the part where all of my cute train decorations fell through because it was in the high 90s and things were melting (like the tape I used to try to make train tracks). Then, we were going to take a train adventure on her actual birthday, but our timing was off, and we ended up just going to Irvine Regional Park and taking the little train around the park and going to the zoo! We later took the Metrolink to San Clemente beach and she had a blast!

In other news, I finally finished Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five!! The course officially re-launches on Tuesday with a launch special, but since you guys have literally been with me since before I even had the idea to create a self-love course, you can buy it here and get the launch special early!! (Aka, a free tank top with purchase!)

I have also started doing so much more with virtual assistance and my clients are freaking amazeballs. I am so happy to be in this place in my business. I am in total alignment and I FEEL FREAKING CALM. Like, no anxiety in sight. #thankyoumanifestation #thankyouoils

Toddler life is getting the best of me some days (teething molars)! but that is life as a mom. To be honest, I am realllly happy I am neither pregnant nor have a smaller baby right now because mama would not be able to hang. With all of my friends having babies back to back it’s easy to feel like I’m doing it wrong, but there is no wrong way to do it!

Plus, I’m a bridesmaid in a few weddings within the next year and I’d love to have a drunk bachelorette party since I’ve only been to two – one while pregnant and my own.

What about you? What have you been up to??

Some crazy things that happened this month were:


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