H nb g aqd appy Easter!

Today’s post is a little behind because this was the first year we got to play Easter Bunny. It was so much fun! Last week when my father-in-law took Delainey to her cousin’s birthday party, I headed out to the Dollar Tree to find a bunch of cute things. I wanted to get useful thinks becuase she has SO many toys. I got her a cute little bucket, a tiny bunny, bubbles, gardening gloves and some Frozen bowls (because she’s obsessed).

I packed it all into the bucket and hid it in the closet. Sharing a room with her makes for few places to hide gifts (we used my brother’s room for Christmas!) so I figured in a bucket it would be less noticeable for her. Last night, when we went to bed we took it out and put it on the entertainment center. We had told her the Easter Bunny was coming!

This morning, when she woke up, I told her that the Easter Bunny came, but she wanted to just stay in bed and cuddle. So we talked about the Easter Bunny and a little bit of history on the origin of Easter and how our family celebrates. The majority of our immediate family is Christian or Catholic. I want her to make her own decisions on religion, like my parents did with me, but I do want her to be knoweldgable on what people are talking about at gatherings.

When she finally got out of bed she was SO excited for her basket. I missed her opening it because I was in the bathroom! But she loved it and then later she had an Easter egg hunt at Iman’s family’s house. She was the only kid this year because her cousins live far, so she scored! Her great-grandma brought her a basket, too.

I love spending time with our families and getting everyone together. The amazing part about our family is that there are always non-blood relatives in attendance. We are the people who invite everyone over. I freaking LOVE that!

In case you didn’t know, I love connecting with people and building my tribe. I recently took the Myers-Briggs again and confirmed that I am the Entertainer (ESFP). My husband is ENFP. My mom, our roommate and my 1st grade best friend are all INFP. My best friend from pre-school/roommate’s gf is ENFP.

So many similarities! What is your personality type?

Some crazy things that happened this week were:

This week, I really enjoyed This Kathryn Girl’s post on 7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life! I was never one who really had a morning routine, but having a daughter and working from home I’ve adopted one. I’m working on drinking water before getting out of bed. I know how beneficial it is, but I always forget to bring water to bed! What was your favorite?

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