You know what has been really bothering me lately? The fact that people ask me, almost daily, what it is that I do. I exude self-love cheerleader. I shout from the rooftops that I am a self-love coach. Still, people don’t seem to understand what that is. They don’t see the need for self-love and that hurts my heart so much. I am convinced that the reason I have had very few clients is because people don’t realize they need self-love and I am not in the business of convincing people that they need self-love.

Is my journey longer than that of a “life coach” or even a “body love coach?” Yes. For one, life coach is something that people regularly hear – although they may not feel a connection or need for one. And a body love coach? Well, that one is a little more obvious. A little more tangible.

Yet, here I am. I want to show you that self-love is your life. But, I can only show you that self-love is your life by emulating it myself. So maybe that takes a bit longer.

Maybe it takes a bit longer to get to that place where I am able to make my passion my career. But I know that it is coming. And in the meantime, I am collecting testimonials and kind words like we used to collect Pokemon cards. 


I am so grateful for my tribe. The people who do for me what I do for others. Encouraging and supporting others is where I feel the best. But that doesn’t mean that I am without the need of it for myself.

So now, what do I do? Well, I think I’ve found my solution. I’m creating a course called Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five that is self-paced and maybe THAT will lead people into realizing their potential.

What do you think?

Some crazy things that happened this week were:

  • Episode 6 of Where Passion Meets Truth with Emily Swanda
  • I had a Unicorn Drink at Starbucks (also called Matcha Pinkdrink!) and it was the bees knees.
  • We took Delainey to her first hockey game and she loved it (Go Ducks!)
  • I celebrated what would have been my cousin’s 20th birthday with some new freebies for my Shield Sisters Initiative loves (comment below if you want the freebies!)
  • I did the April Goal Setting Live video and got excited about Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five.
  • I also did my first Self-Care Sunday post on Friday and unboxed the next round of Vanity Planet goodies!
  • I showcased my Panda Planner on FB. I’m 4 months in and still loving it!
  • I literally relied on my doTerra emotional blends SO much this week!

This week, I really enjoyed Brita’s post on her big Instagram mistake. I think that this is one that many of us have made and I love the way she clearly laid everything out! What was your favorite?

Are you ready to link up this week?