You guys. I’m sorry. I’ve been so crazy out of this world busy with biz life and mom life and my blog was having some MAJOR behind the scenes issues. As in, crashing issues, but I’m pretty sure they are all squared away. So, April. Q2. Spring. A time for change. Hopefully, a time for more blogging because I miss this little space.

So, I couldn’t possibly update you on EVERYTHING that’s gone on, but let’s just say that since February I’ve been in quite a few summits, speaker series, on Huffington post and more. Maybe I’ll create a round-up post like, “Things I Never Thought Would Happen When I Started My Blog.” That sounds like a fun post. I also have been writing a blog post called Why Being A Work From Home Mom Is The Worst…I have literally been writing this blog post since October. Which basically proves my point on it being the worst…am I right?

What you can FOR SURE start seeing on the blog though are some self-care posts!! I’ve paired up with Vanity Planet (as an affiliate – with an exclusive discount code for ya!) to review some of their amazing products. So, starting on Friday and for the next 6 weeks, expect to see a review and self-care post. Maybe that commitment will get me back into writing the rest! 

I just updated all of the podcast episodes I’ve missed in the past few months. Did you know I have TWO podcasts now? Yep, Two Moms One Podcast and Where Passion Meets Truth…which was just launching when we last spoke! You should def check the new one out if you’re trying to find that space where you are at your truest!

Want to see the new pages I created? I have been designing like crazy! The last Shield Sisters one is almost done, but I will link anyway!

Shield Sisters Home Page

Shield Sisters About Page
Shield Sisters Community Page
Tara’s Sale Page

What are your thoughts on these?

ALSO, Issue 2 of the Shift Society Magazine is available!!!! You can purchase here! 

Some crazy things that happened this week were:

  • I did 3 Facebook Lives in one day!
  • I fell and sprained my ankle, but totally thought I broke my foot.
  • Our sink decided to leak again.
  • We took Delainey to the kid’s museum for the first time. She had a meltdown because she had decided not to nap.
  • We saw Kenny G on Wednesday — our family friend is his percussionist and I’ve been going to his concerts since I was D’s age!

So, now that I’m done with a life update, I promise you will see me here on Friday with a post about my self-care Sundays…so you can have a fab Sunday next week

Are you ready to link up this week?