Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Ultimate Holiday Giveaway

I'm in the process of writing this totally awesome blog post about body image and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but life and pregnancy exhaustion got the best of me once again. I was supposed to post it this morning...and now it's 10 PM Cali time.

But I didn't want you to miss out on this totally awesome giveaway I'm a part of, so here I am just stopping by with some goodies.

Your Hosts (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)
Raewyn | Stephanie | (not pictured the 900 mile blog)

Up for grabs we have:
-  Some extra shopping cash in the form of a $25 gift card to either Amazon or Etsy (Winner's Choice). Provided by Britt of The Pinnacle Project.
-  Gorgeous custom hand-lettered holiday print from The Calligraphy Kitten. Be sure to check out her other work too! Provided by local Phoenix artist, Olivia.
-  A darling journal set to record all your wishes, hopes, and dreams for 2015. Provided by Lauren of My Passion Journey.
-  More shopping cash in the form of an Amazon or Paypal gift card (again, Winner's Choice). Provided by Copycat Crafts.
- Stunning Fine Art Print by the amazing and talented husband-wife photography team Grain&Compass. Provided by Asharae of This Wild Season.
-  Say hello to glowy skin with SeaSource Detox Spa Foaming Sea Salt Scrub from Arbonne. Provided by Cheryn of Ruby Square.
-  Take your writing skills for a spin with an opportunity to Guest Post for a super inspirational blog. Provided by Raewyn of Be a Warrior Queen.
-  Promote yourself with free ad space with two of the most lovely bloggers in all the land! Provided by Aimee of This Darling Day and Stephanie of Stephy Shoots.
- Deck the halls with your choice of photo print from the newest (greatest) photographer collaboration team around. Provided by 900 miles blog.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Wishes #16

Last week I had every intention of coming by my blog every day. Every. Intention.

Technically, baby's first picture with Santa!
If you follow my Instagram, you'll notice that I had one of those "home disasters" that plague us all. Last week, Southern California got more rain in two days than it had all year. Of course, this would be the time that a major pipe would burst in my kitchen. Luckily, it was our roommate's day off, and he noticed the flooding. I shudder to think how bad it would have been if no one had been home, and Bella had been in her crate getting flooded on. Poor puppy :(

Wednesday became a whirlwind of moving animals around, arguing with the apartment and getting a hotel. Thursday almost followed in a similar suit, except I was allowed back in our apartment and we didn't have to move any animals. On Friday, I had to move Bella from my mom's house to my dad's apartment, because the 3 dogs were exhausting my mom who had chemo on Weds. Bella decided she didn't like my dad and tried to eat him, so later that night we had to bring her back to my mom's. On Saturday, we weren't allowed in our apartment for them to dehumidify it. Now it's Monday and they still aren't here repairing the hole in our floor...

Besides that, my weekend looked like: working at the restaurant, Brunch with Santa, a lovely blogdate at Creamistry in Irvine and some QT with Iman.

Hello chocolate hazelnut ice cream with cookie dough in a brownie bowl made before my eyes

Last week's goals:

1// Clean my apartment and bedroom so we can get a Christmas tree. Super grateful to our apartment complex for fixing our flooded apartment in a timely manner *sarcasm* I'm still waiting for them to come fix it...with all of my stuff shoved around out of the way of the burst pipe. 

2// Get said Christmas tree and decorations. I'm going to again blame my apartment on this one! With my apartment a wreck, I am not bringing in a tree!

3// Get through my days without being totally exhausted!!  Yes! I didn't take a nap all week - and not because I didn't have time, I didn't feel the need for one!!

The Nectar Collective

My wishes for this week:

1// Tie up some loose ends. I have some "housekeeping" things to figure out like insurance, lab tests,  some things to mail, lessons to learn to teach my students, and studying for my server training.

2// Memorize the dishes at my restaurant. I start server training on Friday!

3// Clean my apartment? 

4// Decorate?? 

5// Have a talk with my apartment's property managers. I've been documenting everything (including hour/minute phone calls) and I am going to take it to the property managers to show how poorly this situation was handled.

6// Purchase things at the dollar tree to craft into gifts!

How was your weekend? What are your goals for this week?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love, Marriage and then the...BABY CARRIAGE?

So, this makes for the official, official announcement post. I've been alluding to it in the past few posts but here you go...

Please ignore my bad posture, this was before going to bed last night and I was tired and yeah...who am I kidding, I suck at holding my neck where it's supposed to be. My chiro hates it. Anyway, I'm 8.5 weeks and I'm pretty sure my belly is pretty big...after eating all day and stuff.

The week before Halloween I had an inkling that something was different, but I thought maybe it was because Aunt Flo was coming to visit. But she was a week. We were planning on drinking and I've always been paranoid about having a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome so I took a test. Well, more specifically, I peed at work, bought a test and attempted to pee when I got home but was all peed out. (I've decided that's a real term). So then I chugged a ton of water.

Peed on a stick said YES! I actually got the ones that said yes because I wasn't messing around (as opposed to my many, many dollar store prego tests in the past when I was on birth control and being paranoid). So I took another! And there we were with two +Yes tests in front of us...right as our friend came over!

That night we attempted to hide it but it didn't go over all that well. Our roommate had recently bought me a full pack of cider and kept asking why I was only drinking orange juice. Iman was bursting and I just knew he was going to spill the beans so we texted our parents at 2am.

We aren't the people who really wait to tell secrets. We're really big blabbermouths, so people slowly began to find out. Our roommate and our part-time roommate (aka my best friend who stays over every week) found out with cards. Our best man and his wife found out when Iman's dad was on the phone with her and said "I'll probably come down to see you when the baby comes!"

Most people we tried to wait until we knew how far along I actually was. Let me tell you... I wasn't sure if I should go by my last period or if it was longer because I'm crazy! So they did a bunch of blood tests and I waited a week and a half to find out that they could do an ultrasound. Which was another week later! #thesuspensewaskillingme

Seriously, I knew nothing about getting pregnant before I got pregnant, including any terminology and what my hormones levels meant. So much research!

In the picture she printed, our baby looks like a venus fly trap, so I much prefer this one. Though I think that is the yolk sac and the baby.

As soon as we saw that little baby at the ultrasound...oh my gatos!! What a crazy little thing! It's just chillin in there all tiny with a huge uterus all around it!! Then the tech played the heartbeat and I'm pretty sure Iman and I cried. I know I teared up...he probably won't admit it but he wouldn't stop talking about it after.

We went out and bought a baby Eagles jersey because #duh and paid extra to make sure we'd get it by Thanksgiving, which luckily we did! Last Wednesday, I took it to my dad's side of the family and told all of them. Then on Thanksgiving we told the rest of Iman's family - which was really entertaining.

We sort of suck at being the centers of attention - unless we're being crazy - so we were awkward and people didn't get it at first.

Then his aunt asked to take our picture...

Which she promptly posted on Facebook, not realizing we hadn't announced it yet. About five minutes later she came up to us and said "Oops, I posted it on Facebook..."

I think it's absolutely adorable that she was so excited and we couldn't be mad. We're still planning on taking some jersey pix with our little venus fly trap's jersey in a few weeks.

But there you have it. I'm due July 9, so we'll have a nice middle of summer baby which works out with my work schedule and maternity leave.


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Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekly Wishes #15 + Habit Talk

Well, now that I'm back in action. It seems that my last Weekly Wishes was also my last habit post. Once again I'm counting November as a failure. But, today is December, which means it is a new month, and a new chance to make habits and wishes realities.

Oh also, today is Rabbit. I know I probably haven't explained Rabbit before, and it will probably not make much sense, but we'll give it a shot. When my brother was in 1st grade, his teacher would have a competition every month. On the first of the month, the first student to remember to say "Rabbit" to her would get a prize. Somehow, that bled into our family life and into the lives of friends. We don't have a prize, just bragging rights, but it becomes a vicious competition between us all. My brother has sense stepped out of the game (since he likes to sleep and always lost).

So, now that you have a weird little tidbit into my life, here are my habits from the past two months:

The Pinnacle Project

Two months ago for the Make a Habit, Break a Habit I wanted to attempt no poo, wash my face daily, and wear lipstick more often. 

I succeeded in all of it, but then failed at face washing and lipstick wearing in November. I was sick or tired too often to keep it up. I stuck with no poo all through November, however I noticed some crazy issues that have caused me to switch back to shampoo, though it is organic and close to chemical free. My pregnancy hormones have wrecked havoc on my hair going from too dry to greasy depending on where I was at in my no poo schedule. I'm too exhausted to figure it out, so I will just try again after I have my baby!

Last month, I wanted to focus on breaking the habit of leaving a mess. I failed at that one miserably. Hello exhaustion! I'm hoping to work on it again soon in the coming months. I also wanted to make the habit of taking my vitamins daily! I succeeded! This is probably because I have to take them for the baby!!

This month, I want to focus on something small - since I'm sleeping a ton I don't want to go all crazy. So I will keep attempting to clean things up, but my habit to make is a bedtime routine! I want to have a bedtime routine that includes QT with Iman as we're getting into bed. Sometimes we fail at going to bed together, but I think we could work something out, so that we have some time together before bed.

The Nectar Collective

My wishes for this week:

1// Clean my apartment and bedroom so we can get a Christmas tree.

2// Get said Christmas tree and decorations.

3// Get through my days without being totally exhausted!!

What are your goals?

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