Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wedding Wednesay: Bridal Party Sillys

Well, we've reached the end of my wedding photos to share. I've saved the wedding party (the best) for last!! I know I didn't share too many family pictures, I do that out of respect for my family members. 

Instead of doing regular bridal party pictures, we mostly did silly ones. Well, I did at least. I wanted to have a picture with each of my bridesmaids, while Iman preferred to do a bunch of group shots with the guys. 

We took most of our pictures in the same area as our ceremony. I sort of regretted it, immediately, but I know now that my favorite pictures are the candid ones. 

They were so much fun (but I was sort of bossy because I was so ready for pictures to be done, and we were running late). 

This is my Maid of Honor! 

We made her dress slightly different than the others, so she stood out as the maid of honor. Plus this dress looks rocking on her.

This is my best friend from first grade. 

She stole my best friend in 1st grade, but that didn't stop us from being best friends ourselves. We're really similar and she stays the night like 2 nights a week. She'll probably kill me for saying this, but we got spray tans before the wedding and this is the darkest I've ever seen her. She looks amazing tan and I've been trying to convince her to go in the sun ever since.

This is my work wife. 

She's my partner in crime whenever I need to go to a concert or on a crazy adventure. She's pouting because I'm now a taken woman, hence my huge grin. I still call her wifey so, whateva. Funny story, her boyfriend's last name is the same as my maiden last name (which isn't hard) and she used to pretend to be my husband's sister to get free, basically we have a twisted family. 

This is my "sister in law."

 Her husband is Iman's best friend and best man. I'm so happy how close we've become in the past few years. The only problem we have is that she's allergic to cats. NO!! 

This is my "little" sis.

She's one of two junior birdesmaids, though I can't seem to find a picture of my cousin and I. Iman downloaded the pictures from the wedding website, so he might have missed some :P Both girls are 13 and had a different color dress than the bridesmaids. I'm pretty sure it was their first time wearing high heels and they walked like a champ.

This is my high school best friend. 

We were on the newspaper staff together and worked my first job together. She's pretty much the reason I didn't get my driver's license until I was 17 - she was always driving me everywhere. 

Here's all of us girls being goofy!! (There wasn't a picture where everyone had their eyes open)

Now for these handsome boys! Iman had his two brothers as junior groomsman, four of his best friends and my brother. 

I love their seriousness with Iman's grin. And the shoes, oh I love the shoes. 

See, the shoes... 

Note the Warrior Queen wristbands!!!

And here are the husband's shoes in all their glory!! 

You've all seen this picture before BUT I noticed last night that Iman's brother (on the right) happened to grab his moustache place card and had it on his face!!

THIS picture! Ahhhh! 

So, Shutterfly sent me a huge free print of this. I'm looking for the perfect frame but I love it...even though I yelled at everyone to stop talking while this picture was being taken. 

Next week I'm going to start this whole wedding process over! I'm going to give you all of my tips from engagement to honeymoon!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Introducing Warrior Queen Monthly

Lately, I've been dreaming up new ways for Warrior Queen to get out there in the world, and one of those ways is to create a newsletter. I have had some people sign up for the monthly newsletter. I'm going to be sending my first newsletter out on September 1st, so I thought I'd make it official with a blog post about it!

Right now, it will most likely be a recap of the past month, but I want to start doing a Warrior Queen spotlight, etc.

I always love getting newsletters from fellow bloggers and have been dreaming of one for awhile. This school year, I'm really wanting to take things up a notch. While, I didn't move to WordPress like I had hoped, I will probably end up there eventually.

Other changes you can look forward to: sponsor changes - making it more about Warrior Queen stuff - #FightLikeAWarriorQueen t-shirt designs, more ways to give back, an awesome wedding series and that cryptic new opportunity I mentioned last week (note: there may be an e-book in the works).

Things are so exciting, and I can't believe how far this blog has grown in the past year! This time last year, I was just getting into the habit of posting daily, and my friendship with Paulina was just beginning. (That girl teaches me so much!)

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Do you have any ideas for my newsletter? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Wishes #5

How is it already another week? Last week was more productive (a little anxious, but overall, relaxing because I was given some days off of work). How was your last week?

1// Have a date day with Iman. We had a couple! On Weds, we walked from our apartment to a Pho place about a mile away, then on Friday we ordered in and watched movies just us two. 

2// Get the kitties teeth cleaned / check up. They are healthy as can be! They were really entertaining when they were coming off the anasthesia.

3//  Meet my cousin's baby!!!! She's here! 

4// Make a blog calendar for September

5// Set up some doctor's appointments. I still need to find a therapist and set up a dentist appointment! 

This week's goals!! 

1// Start school on a great note. I have prep for my classes this week, and I'm hoping to start it out grounded. It's a lot more running around than last year, but I am excited.

2// Pack lunches. Since I'm only working in LA two days a week, this shouldn't be as difficult as it was for me last year. I'm hoping to get into the habit, and of having healthy breakfasts in the morning - even if they are just breakfast carnation smoothies!

3// Eat breakfast everyday. I royally suck at this, but I know it is so important. I am going to go grocery shopping and get the essentials.All of my Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars should help out!

4// Set up my doctor appointments that I was supposed to set up last week. I was unsure what my schedule would be, but I did set up an oil change for my car!

5//Return our last few wedding gifts. We have a couple of duplicates left that I want to return so that I can get some new black shirts for my restaurant job.

The Nectar Collective

What are your goals for this week? How can I motivate you to complete them?

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Warrior Queen Links #7

Over the years, Barbie has always been controversial for her looks - but her career path has always been on point (I never thought I needed to look like my Barbie like some people say). Finally, there is Entrepreneur Barbie - along with an Entrepreneur program for young girls! STOKED.

This Warrior Queen (literally, she is nicknamed that by her friends, like I am), is fighting like a girl!

I'm loving this 13 year old girl who pitched the first shut out game in Little League World Series history.

Every girl should feel comfortable about all parts of her body. Note: NSFW.

Calling Miley Cyrus a slut is wrong on so many levels, especially the one that allows women to have sexuality.

Well, that's all I've got for you today! I've been trying to get all prepped for back to school next week (and write all my blog posts) Wish me luck!!

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